Editor’s note

The IK blog is now being updated regularly after a brief hiatus.  Please note that in the interest of time and space, we no longer post links to every newspaper that ran our columns in a given week.  Instead, we post a single link.  Not all newspapers carry the columns on the same day, thus the column may run in some outlets after the blog was updated for that week.The posting of a single newspaper as the outlet for that week’s column is not meant to imply that this outlet is the only one publishing the column that week. Complete lists of the newspapers carrying our columns regularly are available upon request from the IK editor.

Will KPTS Take On “This Week in Kansas”?

KAKE has canceled “This Week in Kansas,” on which several IK columnists have appeared regularly. Their decision appears to be final. Tim Brown has asked KPTS (Wichita Public TV) to adopt the show. Please help! Contact KPTS and ask them nicely if they would take over “This Week” from KAKE. KPTS contact info is: Main Office: 316-838-3090 or 800-794-8498
Fax: 316-838-8586
Facebook: KPTS Channel 8
Twitter: @KPTS